Automatic bill payments

You can simplify your life with Customer Bank Draft, the Automatic Bill Payment Plan.  When signing up for the Customer Bank Draft

Program, your utility payment will be automatically deducted from your checking or savings account each month.

Why Sign Up?

  • Easier way to make payments
  • Save you money on postage, late charges, and the cost of your check
  • Convenient - no more last minute trips to drop off your payments

When will my payments be made?

You will receive your monthly bill as you do now.  Just review the bill.  If it is ok, record the dollar amount in your check register and your payment will be deducted on the due date.  If there is an error, give the Customer Service Department a call and we will make the correction before your payment is drafted.


We realize that our customers are not always able to pay their bills by the due date.  Our Customer Service Representatives are available to provide information and assist you in applying for deferred payment. Please contact a representative at 918-696-5084

  • Deferrals must be made by application in person at the Stilwell Utilities office.
  • Approval is not automatic and additional conditions may be required.
  • No more than one (1) deferral may be in process on an account at any time (this includes assistance programs from other agencies that promise to pay at a date after the regular due date)
  • No further extension will be approved on a deferred payment agreement
  • Application for deferred payment should be made no later than the last business day before the 20th of the month or the customer risks disconnect for non-payment. Holidays and weekends may cause that deadline to fall several days before the 19th of the month. 
  • NO ARRANGEMENTS can be made on the day Stilwell Utilities is disconnecting delinquent accounts. 

average billing program

To manage high winter or summer bills, ask us about our Bill Averaging Program  This allows our customer the option of changing from our regular billing to a rolling twelve-month average, which will be adjusted monthly to reflect the average of the last twelve months.

Why does my bill card look different?

On your bill card you will notice the words Actual Bill, AMP Bill, and AMP Reserve.

  • Actual Bill - is your actual usage and the actual cost of that usage.
  • AMP Bill - is the rolling twelve-month average produced by our Average Billing Program.
  • AMP Reserve - This figure shows you how much debt is left in your AMP account or how much of a credit you have collected.

Why is  my AMP Bill more than my Actual Bill?

  • Depending on your individual usage pattern your AMP Bill will be either more or less than your Actual Bill.  At times of high usage your AMP Bill will be less than your Actual Bill and the excess debt will be placed in your AMP Reserve account.  At times of low usage your AMP Bill will be more than your Actual Bill and the excess monies will begin paying on your AMP Reserve debt.  This allows our customers to budget for an average utility payment each month without the irregularities experienced with normal billing.

​How do I sign up?

​Contact the Customer Service Department and ask to be enrolled in the Average Billing Program.

​What if I don't want to be on Average Billing any more?

Come into the office and speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives.  They will have you sign a form acknowledging your

removal from the Average Billing Plan and you are done!*

  *You will be responsible for any debt outstanding in your AMP Reserve account on the day you request to be removed from the Billing Averaging Program.